Tecniagro: asesoramiento fincas rústicasCurrently, Tecniagro deals with the technical management of large states, with a total area of about 60,000 hectares in the regions of Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León, Extremadura and Madrid.

Our work involves planning, management, evaluation, supervision and monitoring of the actions carried out in each state regarding forestry, livestock, agriculture and hunting. The main objective is to reach the technical, economic and ecological viability of the state based on the optimization of resources in a sustainable manner.

  • Advice for owners of rural states on defining strategies and work planning.
  • Preparing reports and projects necessary for the proper management of the state. 
  • Processing of rural state grants (P.A.C., reforestation, management, forestry, etc.).
  • Permit application for forestry, hunting and other actions to develop.
  • Representation and defense of the interests of the property before the public administration and third parties.
  • Management and supervision of game management, with organization of hunting and marketing actions (if any) in contact with specialized firms.
  • asesoramiento técnico para fincasManagement and supervision of all agricultural, forestry, livestock and hunting works to be carried out in the state.
  • Management and supervision of the work of maintenance and improvement of state infrastructure (fencing, roads, water points, etc.).
  • Training and control of the property staff (assignment of tasks and objectives, work supervision, hiring, firing, etc.).
  • Supervision and control of suppliers and customers. Control of state purchases and sales, including possible external services.

To do this, our course of action involves the appointment of a technical director for each state, assisted by the rest of Tecniagro staff in performing his/her duties. The director is responsible for the operation and direct contact with the owner. He/she will perform his/her work through regular visits to the state as often as necessary for its proper management.

Tecniagro management work is developed under the highest ethical and confidentiality standards, with independence and objectivity in its performance.