fincas rústicas
The assessment of the current status of a state and its future possibilities for exploitation and improvement is an essential tool for its owner or for the person interested in purchasing it.

For the owner, obtaining a technical report on the state of his/her state and its possibilities can be extremely useful to improve state management.

For the buyer of a state, it is absolutely essential to know well what he/she is purchasing.   Not only the information regarding its actual surface and agroforestry or hunting potential, but also any possible restrictions on use and management resulting from environmental laws that are increasingly restrictive.

Tecniagro prepares reports and other technical documentation (feasibility studies, descriptive technical reports, etc.) on rural states, as a management tool for their owners, or as a technical document to serve as a tool in the purchase operations.

We also conduct conversion projects for large states.

Contact us if you need professional advice to buy, sell or make your rural state workable.

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