Leader in agroforestry and hunting management
With over 20 years of experience, Tecniagro engineers professionally manage over 60,000 acres of states spread throughout Spain.
Highly-resistant fencing. Cyclone and other brands.
Tecniagro designs and executes all types of fencing in rural property with highly-resistant and conventional meshes. It is also an exclusive distributor of the Cyclone brand in Spain, a pioneer on this market.
Forestry work
Tecniagro performs all kinds of forestry works, and is a pioneer in reforestation of agricultural land with oak: Holm oak, muricated oak, cork tree.
Purchase of large rural property in Spain
If you are interested in buying a rural plot of land in Spain, Tecniagro prepares upon request detailed technical reports on purchase operations and offers a selection of some of the best states. All have been previously visited and assessed.